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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Everyone here is so warm and friendly!! I loved coming by! I appreciate them so much!! I dj so I'm often around loud music. I wanted to get my hearing checked just in case. Yolanda was amazing. She answered all my questions. She examined my ear drums and the hearing test was ez and straightforward. I highly recommend to anyone to come by for a hearing test - especially if you go to concerts/clubs or you're a dj/performer!

Brian L.

Diane helped us & spent so much time with him and to this day he loves them. We went in today & again Diane was so patient and explained everything to him and cleaned them and he left hearing so much better. If you are looking for wonderful customer service and knowledgeable people and top of the line hearing aids, come here.

Joyce M.

Yolanda Kananen has been so kind and helpful to my father in law, there are no words to explain my gratitude. She has done much without charging him any fees and I have a hard time believing she would take advantage of anybody. To "The Kid" who gave this business a bad review... it sounds like you have a lot to learn. It is inappropriate to give a business bad marks based upon the info you provided. The hearing aid was used for a full year and went beyond the warranty time frame. Surely you don't expect Yolando to create false paperwork to fudge the sales date and lie to the manufacturer, do you?

Marshalls M.

I have been going to Advanced Hearing Aid in Pleasant Hill for over 15 years. I just purchased my 3rd set of hearing aids. OMG They are fantastic! I can adjust them for watching TV, to block out the wind, and for regular conversation and for my cell phone use. I live near a busy freeway and the noise use to interfere with my hearing but now I just push a button and the noise is gone, I use to listen to my TV volume 90% now I can listen to it in the 5% range. My brother came over yesterday and he has always talked so low I could barely hear him. Now I was able to hear him from across the room. In the past I could only hear parts of words, now I can hear the whole word. I use to go shopping and ask the clerk to speak louder because the noise from other shoppers interfered, now I don't have to ask anyone to speak up. My past hearing aids never worked as well but with the new technology it's like I can hear again. IT'S LIKE HAVING A NEW SET OF EARS! Diane and the rest of the staff are awesome, when I go in it's like going for a visit with good friends. I highly recommend this place and Starkey Hearing Aids.


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